Dishpans & Pails
$5.83 - $71.13


GCI stocks utility bus pans, sanitizing and soap solution pails. These are a must in your Food Service Operation. Utility bus pans are ideal for collecting dirty dishes and supplies. Pans can be used in conjunction with a cart or carried by hand. These pans are heavy duty and have a contoured lip for easy handling. The pails come in 5 quart size and are color coded, red for sanitizing and green for soap solutions. These are constructed of durable plastic and designed to reduce the risk of cross contamination.





Additional Info
Product # Size Description Price
81200021 EA Pail, Steri 5 quart (red) $5.91
81200023 EA Pail, Suds, 5 quart (green) $5.83
81200393 EA Pan, Dish/Utility, large, 40 quart $71.13