Labels & Test Strips
$5.06 - $15.97


GCI stocks a varity of food safety labels and test strips, which are essential to any Food Service Operation. Food rotation labels are perfect for identifying food items and ensuring food is handled and disposed of properly. HACCP labels are ideal for tracking time and temperatures to ensure safe food handling practices are followed. Both labels are disolvable and sold by the roll.

GCI carries chlorine test strips. These are pre-cut strips that are perfect for immediate readings. There are 100 test strips in each water proof bottle. We also carry dishwasher temperature test strips which are ideal for measuring the internal tempature of the dishmachine through all cycles.

We stock probe wipes which are ideal for cleaning and sanitizing themometers with minimal skin contact.





Additional Info
Product # Size Description Price
81200031 EA Temperature Test Strips, Dishwasher $11.16
81200033 RL Labels, Food Rotation: 500/roll $9.13
81200035 EA Labels, food, HACCP: 500/roll $15.97
81200036 EA Strips Chlorine 200 Ct. $5.06