Dish Racks
$20.55 - $41.46


GCI offers a 3 and 1 solution wash, store and transport your mugs and tumblers. GCI has flat racks, dish racks for your utensils, coffee mugs and tumblers. These racks are designed to maximize cleaning and drying times. These racks are stackable and can be used to store your utensils, mugs and tumblers. The closed walls protect the contents from possible contaminants allowing for sanitary storage.



Additional Info
Product # Size Description Price
81200521 EA Flat-sporks: 1 each $23.38
81200523 EA Cup, Coffee: 1 each $24.57
81200524 EA Glass (9.5 oz): 1 each $41.46
81200526 EA Glass (5 oz): 1 each $20.55