Trays & Lids
$3.46 - $63.54


GCI recommends the co-polymer six compartment tray. These trays are durable and an excellent choice for every day meal service. These trays have clear coordinating lids ideal for dead head and/or save trays.

GCI features a lockdown tray that is insulated, one piece construction and stackable. These trays are durable, provide heat retention and functionality.

GCI also features the Plastican lockdown trays and lids. These trays are stackable, provide heat retention and are an excellent choice for narrow cell slots.

Finally, for tray transportation GCI offers tray straps. These straps are easy to use, durable and provide a secure grip which is ideal for transporting to lockdown units.





Additional Info
Product # Size Description Price
81200651 EA Lid, 6 comp, clear: 1 each $3.46
81200653 DZ Tray, deep, 6 Compartment Cambro 10"x14": 1 each $63.54
81200657 EA Tray, Lockdown: 1 each $20.34
81200666 EA Tray Straps, 10': 1 each $5.41